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The easiest and most direct way to assist us in our mission to fight hunger and food insecurity is to donate non-perishable food items, perishable food items, and toiletries to assist students in need. Food donations will vary and every contribution is valued, but we do not take products that are packaged in glass containers or already opened. For reference of food pantry needs, please see the Carolina Cupboard Donation List below.

Please make sure your food donations are not expired and do not contain alcohol or glassware.

Hosting a Food Drive

If your organization is interested in hosting a food drive with us, please follow the directions below:

  1. With your organization, plan out the details of the food drive including length and dates of the food drive, who will donate, objective, etc.. Once this is achieved, contact us at, detailing the event and any additional needs from us.
  2.  Let us know if you will need collection bins for your food drive. If they are needed, in your initial email please provide how many are needed, a date, time, and location for them to be dropped off. We will ensure the bins get to you at the agreed time.
  3.  Implement your food drive! We trust your organization to handle the food being donated during the drive until the end of the food drive.
  4.  Drop off the donation bins along with the donations in the Carolina Cupboard: Community Food Pantry in the basement of Avery. Please notify us of the time of drop-off and the amount of donations received to ensure we have enough people to help unload.
  5. Thank you! We appreciate every effort to aid in the Carolina Cupboard’s mission to fight food insecurities.